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WETClear™ Technologies
Tecnologías WETClear™
WETBoil™ Treatment Programs
Programas de tratamiento WETBoil™
WETCool™ Treatment Programs
Programas de tratamiento WETCool™

We offer a complete portfolio of polymeric technologies which includes coagulants, flocculants, sequestering agents and filtration and dewatering aids aimed at ensuring optimum performance in solid-liquid separation processes and to minimize sludge disposal costs.


WETBoil™ programs comprehend state-of-the art chemical technologies with rigorous process control performed by WET executives, aimed at protecting integrity of steam and condensate circuits from scaling and corrosion phenomena.


WETCool™ service programs integrate the experience of WET executives with the development of advanced chemical technologies to inhibit corrosion, scaling and biofouling phenomena, consequently maximizing the efficiency of heat exchange systems.

WETOsmo™ Membrane Technologies
Tecnologías WETOsmo™ para membranas
WETMining™ Technologies
Tecnologías WETMining™
WETOil™ Technologies
Tecnologías WETOil™

WETOsmo™ Technologies include a complete portfolio of chemical technologies that protect and preserve membrane systems, including the most advanced anti-scalant, biocide, dechlorination and cleaning technologies for each specific application.


Our WETMining product line comprehends specific solutions for scaling and corrosion control, road and process dust suppression, as well as specific solutions focused on aiding flotation, beneficiation and mineral transport processes.


WETOil™ programs comprehend an advanced portfolio of technologies to prevent scaling, corrosion and microbial contamination in upstream applications, maximizing well productivity and consequently minimizing costs per barrel.

WETHP™ Technologies
Tecnologías WETOsmo™ para membranas
WETFood™ Technologies
Tecnologías WETMining™

Our WETHP™ product line includes high-performing technologies that inhibit scaling and corrosion phenomena in petrochemical and downstream applications in order to maximize productivity and protect plant assets.


WETFood™ technologies comprehend biocide and cleaning technologies aimed at eliminating problems associated with microbial growth in pasteurization and food processing applications, thus minimizing production losses and reducing production costs.

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