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Technical Support
Insumos y Repuestos
We provide preventive and corrective field visits as well as periodic technical support services aimed at establishing optimum water & wastewater plant monitoring & management.

Wellbore Cleaning Services

Limpieza de Pozos Petroleros
WET Wellbore Cleaning Solutions have been designed to achieve significant head loss reductions, resulting in increased flow injection, reduced energy costs and recovery of non-productive mandrels.

Cleaner Production Initiative (CPI)

Cleaner Production Initiative (CPI)
Cleaner Production Initiatives are developed by senior staff members with high expertise within a specific industry, with the objective of running a water benchmark and recommend potential optimizations aimed at reducing water consumption, improving KPI’s and minimizing associated operational costs.

Contaminated Soil Remediation

Remediación de suelos contaminados

The combination of our avant-garde chemical technologies and technical expertise ensures optimum costs and minimum remediation times.


Filtration Elements

Elementos Filtrantes

We have a complete portfolio of filtration elements covering cartridge, bag and other filtration classes in different micron ratings, as well as housings and other filtration consumables and spare parts.



Elementos Filtrantes

We distribute major international membrane brands, including 4” and 8”-diameter elements, high rejection, low energy and low fouling configurations, as well as special-purpose membrane elements. We also offer operational diagnostic and on-site cleaning services whenever needed.


Ion Exchange Resins

Elementos Filtrantes

We provide cationic, anionic and inert ion exchange resins for different applications like water softening, denitrification, demineralization as well as special applications requiring selective ion removal.


Filtration and Adsorbent Media

Elementos Filtrantes

Our portfolio comprehends a vast variety of mineral and vegetal activated carbons, proprietary filtration media for gravity or pressure filtration and removal of specific contaminants.


Spare Parts

Elementos Filtrantes

We supply spare parts for maintenance of existing plants or new plants supplied by our company.


Tank Cleaning Services

Elementos Filtrantes

Oil tank interior constitutes an extremely harsh environment that poses many safety and environmental hazards, therefore requiring a highly trained team combined with high-performing chemical technologies and equipment solutions.


Slop Oil Management

Elementos Filtrantes

Slop oils represent a major issue for plant operations since they often cause operational problems when reprocessed, but also represent a significant economic potential for oil recovery. Our services allow treatment of slop oils and oil recovery, generating a significant ROI for our customers.

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